Minga Village


Minga Village is located in Takashima city, Shiga Prefecture, almost in the center of Honshu (main) island in Japan. It is situated on the shores of Mother Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, which is considered to be the womb of Japan.

Minga Village is an organization/movement initiated by the message given to a mother by

her autistic daughter, Minga.

Minga’s mother received the

name “Minga” for her daughter

when she first met her. When

Minga was 3 years old, she was

found to have the condition

called autism.

Minga Village has been seeking to offer a better life style for special needs people based on organic farming and an 

                               ecological mindset, in a community

                               where people with special needs or

                               not can work and live together in

                               harmony with nature.

When Minga was 10 years old, Minga’s father discovered that there is a meaning to the word “Minga”, that is, “to help each other” in the Quechua Language that was spoken in the Inka Empire and is still spoken in present day Andean countries.

Organic Veggie Delivery Service

Our organic farm is located in the Makino area on the northwest shore of Lake Biwa.  We provide a weekly or bi-weekly veggie delivery service to families all over Japan via next day Kuroneko service.  A refrigerated service is also available in summer.

Guest House

Minga Village Guest House is located in the Ohmi-Takashima area only three minutes walk away from the beautiful central west shore of Lake Biwa, The area is great for swimming in the summer or walking in all seasons.

The Guest House offers a homey and cozy environment, and of course it is home for Minga as well.  There are 3 Japanese style tatami-rooms available for Guests to stay.  Families with or without special needs kids or adults are welcome!

Activities around Minga Village

Loquat Leaf Moxibustion therapy